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100% personnalized

Every client is unique and every project is unique!

Modern designs

Create aesthetically pleasing interfaces that elicit a positive response from the user

Happy users

Design interfaces and interactions that maximize conversions



UI Designs

Create interfaces that accurately capture the brand’s personality, voice, and values. Elaborating unique interactive mockups on Figma.

Assets Creation

Customize all assets. Possibility of creation of unique icons or minimalistic illustrations if needed.

Web Integration

If you already have a mockup and you need someone to help you with its integration, I can offer you my knowledges in CSS and HTML. I have a solid experience with SASS and Bootstrap 5.

Web Development

Possibility to make a website from A to Z with a little help of my friends. For up to 3 pages websites, possibility to work on Wordpress.

Experience in esports

3 years of experience thanks to an ambitious startup I worked for



About me

Freelance UI Designer

Who I Am

My name is Mihaela and I’m a UI Designer and web intergator since 2018. I’m also a former graphic designer. I have gained a lot of my experience working for an ambitous start-up where I had to adapt to fast changing situations and constant evoluation of ideas. I was able to use all of my skills of a web designer and a web integrator (and sometimes of a graphic designer and even an illustrator). I had the chance of working with a lot of talented developers and we learned a lot from each other. In my experience, I have worked a lot as a solo designer and I learned to be very organized and to present the strengths of my work. But I enjoy and prefer teamwork and the possibility to brainstorm and to hear different angles and ideas. Today, I'm trying to concentrate on doing mainly UI design, but I still do projects on graphic design from time to time. I also love working on the CSS/HTML integration of the templates and seeing them coming to life.

My Mission

Aujourd’hui, les utilisateurs souhaitent accéder très rapidement à la bonne information. Ma tâche est de les guider pour qu’ils ne se sentent jamais perdus ou ennuyés. Je suis la devise bien connue de chaque designer « Less is more ». Je fais très attention la conception d’une maquette pixel-perfect et de son integration parfaite.

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